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Light Roast Blend

Light Roast Blend

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"Voy a reir, bailar,llorar y amar. Voy a vivir mi vida."                                                         Who, What, When, Why. Write it down so you can remember how you felt. Vivir tu vida.

"Los Viajes se viven tres veces - Cunado lo sonamos, Cuando lo vivimos, Cuando"                                                                                                                                                First, when you dream. Second, when you make happen. Third, when you remember."    Write down your travel dream destinations, and make those dreams a reality happen.

"Iced Coffee is for pleasure. Café Caliente es para business."                                    Tienes too much to think about, drink your iced coffee and write it down (Brain Dump) y luego drink tu café caliente and handle your business. 

"Latina"                                                                                                                                    En la mañana and evening journal. You can write how you felt when you woke up, porque you feel that way, what you are grateful for y que pudes llevar a cabo. In the evening write own your accomplishments y que tomorrow will bring. Eres una inspiracion.

"Find your warm bread para tu cafécito."                                                                            Have your spiritual meal con tu cafécetio. Write down your personal conversations with God with bible scriptures, in english and spanish for encouragement.

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